FB adding Location feature, details murky.

According to my BFF, CNN, Facebook announced Friday that they will soon be unveiling a new feature wherein users can update their current locations. Could this be the boost FB needs to compete with ever-growing twitter, or is it just plain silly? Let's discuss the downsides of this feature, shall we?

1. Creepy.

Part of the appeal of FB, especially among early adopters, is the privacy available. The privacy settings on Facebook are incredibly customizable, down to the capability to determine which "groups" of your devoted followers are permitted to see which of your status updates (for example, you can tell all of your "frat buddies" about the wild party you just had, while sparing "coworkers" and "family" from viewing potentially damaging information.)

For the privacy fans, this new feature will be a major turn-off. Those that do choose to use it will find just another privacy setting to manage among the million other updates that FB seems to be doing.

2. TMI.

With FarmVille, Friend FAQ, Which ___ Are You quizzes, and the seemingly endless other apps available on Facebook to clog up my Recent News feed, who is really going to want another layer to have to filter through every time they log in? I really do not need to know that, between harvesting kumquats in Farmville and having a purple bra on, that you were at your Nana Julia's house, then the car wash, and then Starbucks. It already takes long enough to weed through my daily updates. Just sayin'.

3. I am not able to use it and really, I am just jealous.

No, really. My cell phone was manufactured back in, like, 2005 or something, and is what I liek to call a DumbPhone. It does not have GPS or Internet capabilities with which to broadcast my location to my Facebook. The best I can do with it is text message FB with the text I would like posted as my next status update. Therefore, until that glorious Google Nexus One is mine, my own, my precious... I will complain about all the things I can't do.

Really, I do sort of like this technology, and I would probably use it if I could. Which brings me to the advantages of this "new" technology...

1. You can bump into your friends accidentally on purpose.

Let's say you're hanging out downtown, and you get a text from FB. It says your old college buddy Jim, whom you haven't seen in a while, is just around the block having a beer. You can buzz on over and "run into" him. Reminisce over old times and catch up on news. Doesn't that sound great? Another happy reunion, powered by FB.

2. You can avoid enemies accidentally on purpose.

Now, let's assume you are downtown again, enjoying the nice weather, as you have called in "sick" from work. FaceBook texts you with information that your boss is having lunch around the block. Now you can avoid that place entirely, avoiding a potentially devastating run-in with the man. This trick will also work with avoiding ex-boyfriends, creepy admirers, and that neighbor with the annoying laugh and lots of embarassing stories about you.

3. Crowd-Sourcing.

If you are a business with a lot of followers on Facebook, you can see who is buzzing around your establishment, possibly even nearby businesses. This could help with marketing to your Fans and gauge effectiveness of your current marketing strategies.

Readers, what are your opinions? Is this new feature cool, or lame? Let me know your thoughts!

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