Ok Cupid is down :(

Oh noes! My new favorite website, Ok Cupid, is down. While I am unable to verify why, despite an extensive search of Teh Internets, the wikipedia entry states that the site went down at midnight on May 29, 2009. I don't know what time zone Ok Cupid is based in, so I don't know what that means for me in terms of when the site actually crashed.

Edit: ok, so when I checked at 10:46 Pacific time, the following message was on ok cupid:


We thought it would be cool to get a cat for the office, but we needed a litter box, and there wasn't really room in the bathroom, so we put it next to these servers in the back, and everything would have been fine, but the A/C repair guy was allergic and the cat reacts badly to loud noises and there were all these wires hanging back there and a bunch of surprisingly flammable packing material...

Erik thought it would be JUST AWESOME to put a paperclip on the end of a rubber band and shoot it at Vinay's eye, and it would have just been Erik and Vinay's problem except Vinay had a cup of coffee and was standing over James, who was fixing our router at the time...

Anyway, we'll have things back up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Worker

That explains it. Spilled coffee and a cat related fire. Carry on.

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